Special Situations

ALTUS Capital’s Special Situations platform focuses on two core strategies across a wide variety of industries, and capital structure positions from senior loans to equity. The strategies include:

Distressed Real Estate

ALTUS actively seeks deep value real estate assets that either are in need of completion capital, refurbishment, repositioning, and rebranding or redevelopment into a different use.

Non-Performing Asset Portfolios

ALTUS invests into and purchases stressed, distressed, non-performing, and underperforming portfolios of both credit and real estate originated from financial institutions.

On the credit side, these are non-performing/ sub-performing loans composed of large corporate, small and medium enterprise (SME) accounts, and/or mortgage loans that are non-paying, restructured, or in various stages of rehabilitation and/or litigation.

Real Estate portfolios on the other hand, are composed of illiquid and non-moving real estate assets that have been either foreclosed or paid to the bank as part of the former owner’s financial obligations.


Leveraging off the core technologies that the firm has built for its Special Situations business, the firm has set up ALTUS Digital Capital to look at commercializing these technologies with strategic investors and partners. More information on www.Altus-DC.com